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We begin to journey towards Easter, we are remembering again the heart of our story 
as followers of Jesus, and we remember the loss and pain and despair. In this edition 
of the newsletter we aren’t avoiding difficult questions. As Christians we also live in the 
hope of resurrection, and all that we offer as we serve the church is done in spirit of 
hope in Jesus and of new life. 


Local Lay Pastors: What is God up to in Methodism in the UK? 
3Generate: The children and young people spoke, are we listening? 
Worship : Leading & Preaching : Are you, or someone you know, feeling a sense 
of call to lead worship or to preach but you're not ready to do the Worship : 
Leading & Preaching course? 
Spirituality day conference: for the spiritually curious 
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Learning and Development for local lay pastors 


"Local Lay Pastors are people engaged in lay ministry authorised by a local church or 
circuit and acting in a pastoral and mission leadership role in a local congregation. 
They may be paid or voluntary, full-time or part-time. They are commissioned to 
engage in pastoral ministry and mission on behalf of, and in collaboration with, local 
church members, for specified periods of time. An individual’s ministry will vary 
according to their gifts and skills, and the local situation." 

Is this you? Or someone in your church or circuit? There are many people hearing a 
calling from God to serve in this new way. 

If so, then please let us know you (they) exist so we can offer support. 

There are a number of new and exciting developments happening Connexionally to 
support local lay pastors, and in this region we want to build on that. 

So, if you or someone in your church or circuit fits (or almost fits) in to this 
definition of a local lay pastor then what are you being asked to do? 

A. Email Alison Ransome with your (their) email address 
B. Book to come to a gathering of local lay pastors in this region so we can hear what 
support you would like from us and so we can invite you in to a new piece of research 

which will shape future support. This gathering is on Monday 30 April in Preston area. 
Book a place with Rob and he will send out venue details nearer the time. The event 
will be 10:30am to 3:30pm and lunch will be provided. 

C. Check out the booklists and other learning & development resources for local lay 
pastors here. 
Thinking of appointing local lay pastors? 

If in your Circuit or church you are looking to appoint local lay pastors and you would 
like to hear how others have done it, then we are collating stories, so give Alison 
Ransome a call and we will share ideas with you, and hopefully can help you avoid 
some cul de sacs. 

Not sure if you are a local lay pastor because you’re working outside of 
inherited church? 

In some cases, the definition of a local lay pastor may be a ‘pioneer’ - someone who, as 
a primary focus of their ministry, is connecting with, and aiming to encourage the 
formation of, disciples among un-churched or de-churched people and intentionally 
developing a new ecclesial Christian community, or fresh expression of church.” 

In this region there is already a space for Pioneers to meet, and access to free training. 
If you think this is you or someone in your church then please contact Alison Hulse. 


The theme for the 3Gen weekend in November 2018 is Courageous. Your group can 
play a part in shaping the content of that weekend. This link takes you to an easy to 
follow session plan to use with youth and children’s groups to find out their ideas. 

Or if there isn’t a group, but there is a child or young person who would like to share 
their ideas, then this link for them. This form is for individual children and young 
people aged 8 through to 23 to tell us the issues they want to talk about at 3Generate 

Children and young people helped to shape the 3Gen weekend in 2017, and their ideas 
led to the 100s at Southport having the opportunity to share their thoughts, and as a 
direct result of that the Manifestos they wrote are out and there will soon be on the 
website for you to use in church with any young people, children or adults to engage 
with what 3Gen 2017 said was important. 

3Gen is more than a weekend away; it is an umbrella term for year round youth and 
children’s participation, and the fruits of this includes a challenge to adults in church to 
hear what our children and young people are saying. 

The young people saying what’s important to them has to be heard by adults. 
Therefore we encourage you to use the manifestos in meetings and events with people 
of all ages to engage with. 

Bookings for 3Gen weekend 2018 open in April. 


Worship : Leading and Preaching 

Are you, or someone you know, feeling a sense of call to lead worship or to preach but 
you’re not ready to do the Worship : Leading & Preaching course? 

There is now ‘Worship Foundations’. 

On here there are two things. 

Firstly, an introduction to theological learning exploring four questions. 

* Who was Jesus? 
* Who is Jesus? 
* What do we know about Jesus? 
* How can we inspire people with the story of Jesus? 
Watch one or more of the four videos and consider the questions. See if you get the 
bug for theological learning. 

Secondly, if you think you would like to test a call to lead worship or preach but aren’t 
sure you can do an online learning course, check out these intro videos from Philip 


Save the date... 

Saturday 9 June - Spirituality Day Conference : for the spiritually curious 

What's coming up? 

Click here for our full calendar. 

Bible Month prep day - Saturday 3 March in Knutsford 

for all preachers, worship leaders, house group leaders and junior church leaders… 
Find the event on Facebook or look at our flyer. 
Bookings through Rob. 

Theological Literacy Days (repeated) Warrington 6 March and Lancaster 13 

We have moved to bigger venues as these events have proven so popular therefore 
bookings are open again for both dates. 

Find the event on Facebook. 
Bookings through Rob. 


Growing Through Conflict Foundation Day - Saturday 24 March at Glazebury 

Consider your ‘conflict style’ and how you respond in difficult or tense situations. 
Explore how conflict escalates in a church context and begin to consider some tools to 
de-escalate conflict. Click here for a flyer. 

Bookings through Rob. 


How to contact us 



Staff details 

* Alison Ransome 07799900474 
* Alison Hulse 07799900480 (part time) 
* Brec Seaton 07799900469 
* David Pickles 07799902565 
* Edel McClean 07799902563 (part time) 
* Jasmine Devadason 07799902560 
* John Squares 07799902561 
We have a vacancy since Anthony moved to the Bristol and West Midlands team where 
he lives, plus there is a part time vacancy since Edel reduced her hours, so please do 
bear with us whilst we all cover the gaps. 

David and John are moving on to pastures new in September so watch this space for vacancies. 

Bookings through Rob.