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ONE programme

Theological Literacy

Bible Month

Discipleship Resource – Holy Habits update

Learning & Development events

One Programme 2018-19

There are a few stages to the ONE programme. 

Firstly a church decides it want to apply to host an OPP (One Programme Participant) and there is a recruitment and selection process to choose one in each region.

Then the successful host church begin the recruitment and selection process to find the right OPP.  Once a successful appointment is made the church supports the young person, as does the Connexional team.  Indeed the Connexional team support you and the young person through the whole process. For us in this region that is John Squares and Connexionally it is George Dixon-Gough.

The deadline for host projects is currently 6 March 2018 at 9:00am, so now is the time for projects to start considering their applications.

So, thinking of hosting an OPP?


By applying to be a host project, you are offering a placement for a young person to be employed on a part-time basis for a year.  The salary for this employment will be paid by the Methodist Connexion.  The ONE Programme is more than just a job for the young person – it also includes training (delivered by the Connexional Team with the option of completing Cliff College Certificate) and other opportunities for personal development.  As part of your commitment you will be expected to provide a Project Supervisor, who will be responsible for the day to day supervision of the young person. 

For 2018/19 we are looking for projects with a particular emphasis on evangelism and vocation which will contributed to the development of a young person’s calling so bear this in mind when considering your project.

To give yourself the best chance of selection, please contact John Squares or click herefor the application pack and full info.


Theological Literacy

An event for church leaders (lay & ordained) to learn about a theological literacy course which has grown out of a Circuit.

One woman said “this is life changing; why has no one told me this before”.

On the day you will;

* Receive a starter teaching package

* Increase in confidence to teach theology

* Be enabled to help adults learn

* Be encouraged to stay in touch and share your stories and resources.

Tuesday 6 March in Warrington or

Tuesday 13 March in Lancaster

11:00am to 3:00pm

The Methodist church has always placed great emphasis on faith development; enabling people to discover a God who is real to them.  Methodism’s distinctive gift has been its emphasis on spiritual, intellectual and social growth.  The importance of living a distinctive life committed to God, seeking to make a difference with the people we meet remains important. 

In seeking to serve the present age, we cannot rely solely on what we have known or understood in the past.  In order to meet the challenges of the present it is necessary that we equip people to think critically about faith and God, helping individuals and churches to better connect with and serve those around them.  We are hoping to bring together a group of people who are committed to the learning and development of others.

The day is led by Simon Sutcliffe and Anthony Reddie.  Simon is a published theologian and he teaches our student Ministers at Queens Foundation and he has started to teach some of that content, at that level to others in Circuit.  “Why has no one taught me this before?” asked Glynis and she echoed the thoughts of the rest of the group.  Anthony Reddie is a member of the DMLN and published theologian as well as a teacher and story teller.

This day will take you through the process Simon has used and to share with you some materials to kick-start an ordinary theology group in your context.

Who the day is for: people lay and ordained who have a theological education (formal or informal) and would like to facilitate sessions in your own context for others.  So maybe you are a local preacher, or an ordained Minister, or a lay person who reads lots of theology books and watches lots of theology YouTubers.  If so this day could be for you.

Like the Facebook event for updates and bookings as usual through Rob at


Getting Ready for Bible Month

Saturday 3 March - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Venue: Knutsford

This day is going to be amazing.  There will be a musical performance by David Benjamin- Blower (who you may have seen at Greenbelt this year) of the book of Jonah and a conversation with him as Jasmine Devadason, old testament scholar, unpacks with him how he sees this book as one which teaches us how to love our political enemies.

In the afternoon we have two more theologians, Caroline Wickens and Michael Thompson exploring the book of Jonah through different lenses and considering ways to use the various Bible month resources.

Who is this for?

* All who will be preaching in June in Bible Month

* All who will be leading children and youth ministry in Bible month

* All who will be leading Bible studies and house groups in Bible month.

There is a crèche at this event if you book in time.

Bookings via Rob at

Like the Facebook event for updates.


Holy Habits

You have maybe read the book and been inspired.  Some of you have had church and Circuit events exploring the beginning of Acts using Holy Habits, and others have yet to find this resource.

There is nothing new in this resource!  But what it has done is bring some excellent stuff together in one place, and the approach is not a discipleship course to attend, but instead a much more dynamic working together locally to find ways to engage with the ten holy habits identified in Acts chapter 2.

This started in the Birmingham Circuit and now there are ten books plus an introduction guide available to buy.  You can start with one and see how it goes, or get them all and plan a two-year discipleship plan which suits your context.

Check out the website or chat with John SquaresDavid PicklesBrec Seaton or Alison Ransome.


What else is on?

Check the events on our online calendar:

* Growing Through Conflict  

* Growing Through Conflict Further Skills  

* Pastoral Care meeting

* Worship : Leading & Preaching Tutor training

* Worship : Leading & Preaching Mentor Training

* Vocation Exploration Days  

* Creating Safer Space – Leadership Module

How to contact us:







Staff details:

Alison Ransome 07799900474

Alison Hulse  07799900480 (part-time)

Brec Seaton 07799900469

David Pickles 07799902565

Edel McClean 07799902563 (Edel is now working part-time)

Jasmine Devadason 07799902560

John Squares 07799902561

We have a vacancy since Anthony moved to the Bristol and West Midlands team where he lives, plus there is a half time vacancy since Edel went part time, so please do bear with us whilst we all cover the gaps.



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