Mission Forum

The purpose of the Mission Forum is:

  • To promote awareness of belonging to the World Church
  • To encourage awareness of the Fund for Methodist World Mission, and the work of Methodist Mission Partners
  • To monitor and develop the links between the Bolton and Rochdale District with the Methodist Church in South Africa
  • To provide a Forum for creative thinking, support and planning for officers in the District working in areas of interfaith, racial awareness, public affairs, world development and rural affairs. 


The District Mission Forum, following its recent meeting, wishes to remind and encourage Churches:

  • To use Fairtrade products, hold Fairtrade events and educate congregations on the benefits of Fairtrade for the producer.
  • To respect the integrity of creation by adopting policies to  reduce our carbon footprint and emissions, maximise on energy efficiency and to maintain a long view of sustainability, recognising the present limited budgets.
  • To follow  study material on green issues such us that by Rev’d Dr Brian Tomkins or Hope in God’s World.
  • To support in prayer and attendance Interfaith events in the local area and ecumenical opportunities with enthusiasm.
  • To continue to raise funds for the Soup Kitchen and Orphanage in Queenstown area , South Africa and to remember the work in prayer.
  • To promote education about the work of Phakamisa,  raise funds and pray regularly.
  • To pray  for South Africa our District link and use the Methodist Prayer Handbook on Day 6 in particular.
  • To attend meetings in our community that promote cohesion and links,  for example with the police  and Redeeming our Communities (ROC).
  • To pray for our farmers, those in rural areas,  and endeavour to purchase local produce.
  • To explore opportunities to support our schools through prayer or assistance.
  • To vote prayerfully in the forthcoming elections and to consider the role of the Church in public affairs, use of the buildings for peace movements, open forums and discussions, (subject to Conference guidelines).
  • To take the opportunities offered by Methodists for World Mission North West (MWMNW) to expand commitment to mission.