Ideas for Posters Outside Your Church






J Smile, Jesus Loves You

Seven days without prayer makes one weak

Meet the author of the world’s best selling book here each Sunday at ….

Life: always read the makers instructions.  Read the Bible.

God is love!

Don’t know which way to turn?  Jesus said “I am the way!”

Let Jesus wipe the slate clean.

You are Wonderful, Unique and Loved.  God made you that way.

Carpenter of Nazareth seeks joiners

Feeling a bit down in the mouth?  Come in for a faith lift!

Face the Son and the shadows fall behind

In tennis love means nothing.  In Christ love means everything

This church is for sinners only.  Come and join us at …. each Sunday!



2,000 years ago Wise Men searched for Jesus.  Wise people still do!  Our Christmas service times are……….

The perfect Christmas gift for everybody – Jesus.  Our Christmas service times are…….

Jesus is the reason for the Season.  Our Christmas service times are…….

God is for life not just for Christmas



Jesus died for YOU!  Our Easter service times are…………

Easter is not needing to ask God how much He loves us.  Our Easter service times are…………

Easter – not a hopeless end but an endless hope.  Our Easter service times are…………

It wasn’t nails that held Jesus on the cross.  It was his love for you.