Evangelism Conversation Starters

Evangelism Conversation Starters


8 conversation starters which take up 8 aspects of evangelism.  These are designed for use at local church level in a small group, or church meeting context. E.g. Local preachers, church council or house group. They are downloadable free from the website below.


Aspects of Evangelism  http://www.methodist.org.uk/deepening-discipleship/evangelism/aspects-of-evangelism


Each conversation guide picks up on a theme crucial to our understanding and practice of evangelism:

1.      Desiring to share the gospel - What makes you want to share the gospel?

2.      What is the good news? - What is the good news and why does sharing it matter?

3.      Problems and obstacles - Why is evangelism so difficult/hard today?

4.      Making evangelism central - How do we make evangelism a central part of what we do?

5.      Images of evangelism (1) - What ways can help to make and nurture new disciples?

6.      Evangelism and ethnicity - How can we learn about evangelism for culturally diverse groups in the UK?

7.      Images of evangelism (2) - How can we change the image of evangelism so that everyone sees it as something they should be involved in?

8.      Giving reasons for your faith - How do we go about explaining the gospel in the 21st century?

Now is the opportunity for you to get a conversation going and to hear the perspectives of different people in your church, circuit and local community. Each guide can be used separately, or the whole set can be part of an extended group series.

The downloads below are in Pdf format.


Conversation Guides

1.      Desiring to share the gospel

2.      What is the good news?

3.      Problems and obstacles

4.      Making evangelism central

5.      Images of evangelism (1)

6.      Evangelism and ethnicity

7.      Images of evangelism (2)

8.      Giving reasons for your faith

Or download the complete resource as one Pdf.