Sowing Reaping Keeping

One of the best books about effective, practical evangelism that I’ve read.  It’s short and very readable.

Author: Laurence Singlehurst

Publisher: Crossway Books

Becoming a Contagious Christian

How to naturally reach other people for Jesus by becoming a “contagious Christian”.  Very readable.

Author: Bill Hybels

Publisher: Paternoster publishing

Prayer Evangelism

Bringing people, communities and whole cities to Jesus “just” through prayer.

Author: Ed Silvoso

Publisher: Regal

Prophetic Evangelism

A fascinating and challenging description of how to use the gift of prophesy to evangelise really effectively.

Author: Mark Stibbe

Publisher:  Authentic Media

Sharing Jesus in a new Millennium

“A practical introduction to evangelism for Christians everywhere”.  Very readable.

Author: Rob Frost

Publisher: Scripture Union